Thunderleash Reviews – UPDATED 2019 – Thunderleash No Pull Reviews


Thunderleash Reviews – UPDATED 2019 – Thunderleash No Pull Review

Do you have a problem with your dog pulling you during your walks? It’s a common problem with not so common solution. I mean, there are lots of tips and tricks on how to train your dog not to pull, but no universal tool to stop the pulling that works for every dog. To have enjoyable walks, you must train your dog not to pull, there’s no way around it, but if you’re not a professional dog trainer, it might not be so easy. That’s where the Thunderleash No Pull comes into play. It’s an ingenious and simple solution that will work for most if not all dogs.

Thunder Leash Instructions This clever and simple solution quickly converts from regular collar leash to a no-pull harness leash. You don’t have to worry about it overtightening, as it has built-in safety mechanism. For times when your dog is behaving like a well trained k9 dog, use the regular collar leash, but when he is having a bad day, use the no pull mode. It works because the mild pressure applied to their torso which acts as a feedback that makes your dog pull less. Of course, you should always reward your dog with treats when they don’t pull as positive reinforcement, to lock in the good behavior.

Thunder Leash Instructions – How To Use It?

Thunderleash ReviewsUsing thunderleash is very simple. When your dog is behaving good or for short walks, attach the leash to your dog’s collar as you usually would with any other leash. When your dog starts pulling too hard for your liking, all you have to do is wrap the leash around his torso, attach the carabiner to the collar and thread it into the harness slot. That’s it, now you’ve converted the leash to no pull mode. To make the leash more effective, there’s a simple training method – as soon as your dog starts to pull, stop walking. This will communicate to your dog that this leash is not going to be pulled on. When he stops pulling, feed him his favourite treat to lock in the good behaviour. This leash is perfect for teaching your dog to “heel” or walk by your side.

For safety, this leash has a safety buckle that’s designed to prevent over-tightening of the leash. What’s also great is that this product does not put any strain on your dog’s joints.

It’s made out of very durable materials which should last you a long time.


Weiss Walkie vs Thunderleash – Which Is

Weiss walkie is very similar product to thunderleash – they both have the same function which is tightening when your dog pulls.  Having spent time with both products I can say this – my favourite definitely is the thunder each for several reasons. Thunderleash is much easier to attach harness style because it has a specialized buckle not a O ring like weiss walkie. Other think is the leash itself – I prefer flat leashes because it’s easier to hold when the dog jolts somewhere so clear winner is thunderleash.


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